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Ouai Created A Dry Shampoo With Byredo’s “Mojave Ghost” Fragrance

The brands collaborated on a limited-edition, perfumed dry shampoo.

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Dry shampoo isn't exactly known for its epic smell, but the recent collaboration between Ouai and Byredo changes all that, with the launch of a special Mojave Ghost-scented product. Outside of their collaboration, Ouai is known for its line of hair products, while Byredo focuses on luxury goods, including perfumes, candles, and body care. Working together, the brands created a limited-edition product that features one of Byredo's most beloved scents in one of Ouai's most popular products.

Retailing for $24, the shampoo features the same rice starch and volcanic mineral properties that make Ouai's dry shampoo such a haircare staple. This version also includes the addition of "Mojave Ghost," which includes notes of ambrette, magnolia, sandalwood, violet, cedarwood, chantilly musk and crisp amber.

To get the most out of your dry shampoo use, it's suggested that you apply the product to your hair, and then let it soak for 30-seconds before further distributing and blending into the roots.

The formula is approved for color-treated hair, and according to Ouai founder, Jen Atkin, the idea was largely inspired by current quarantine beauty routines. "I DMed Ben [Gorham, Byredo founder] and said 'We're in lockdown. Everyone is bonding with dry shampoo more than ever. I would die to have Mojave Ghost,'" she told Allure.

For those that use the product and fall in love, there are more Mojave Ghost-scented items to explore, including hand cream and perfume. As for Ouai, its Detox Shampoo and Wave Spray remain a best-selling staple.

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