Patrick Starrr poses with one of his beauty routines.
Courtesy of Patrick Starrr


Patrick Starrr Shared His Go-To Quarantine Beauty Products

The beauty YouTuber revealed how makeup is helping him get through social distancing.

In a matter of weeks, social distancing has drastically changed lives everywhere. While some aspects of life — music festivals, parties, enjoying a meal with friends — have been put on pause, there’s one thing that Patrick Starrr wants you to explore now more than ever: your beauty routine.

Catching up with NYLON after the release of a hilarious Joe Exotic tutorial, Starrr admitted that for a time, he had struggled to resume makeup business as usual. However, he’s learning to adapt and wants to encourage others to seek out what makes them feel beautiful and happy, even if that means donning a blonde mullet and pretending to be the Tiger King. As he explained, because you’re stuck at home with no one to see, there hasn’t been a better time to take risks with your makeup.

Much about the future might remain uncertain, but for now, Starrr is offering his best beauty tips to help you through every Zoom hangout and Netflix Party session on the couch. From the products he’s using daily to what TikTok videos he’s enjoying to pass the time, the beauty expert shared what life has been like as he practices social distancing. His current schedule might include a lot less movie premieres and launch parties, but he’s making sure things still stay interesting.

Below, read up on Starrr’s tips for looking your best during virtual hangouts, how he uses TikTok, and the first thing he wants to do when social distancing restrictions are lifted.

How have you been passing the time, aside from making that wonderful Joe Exotic video?

I literally just posted a transformation of me as Selena. I have a full wig glued to my head, so I’m passing the time. It’s so funny, one of my friends was saying, ‘The range of Patrick Starrr from Joe Exotic all the way to Selena, the range is just, the spectrum is so diverse.’ I guess my stir crazy is translating to creative crazy.

Do you still find yourself putting on makeup everyday? At this time, some people say that doing makeup everyday is helping them feel normal, and like they’re following a routine. Is that true for you as well?

It was hard for me to post anything regarding makeup or to promote any products in the first two or three weeks, but now it’s been about a month for me and everyone else, and I feel that we are adapting to this as the new norm.

I had this lull or dip in my mental state of mind to entertain. I had to be able to grieve leaving the outside and being socially distant from other people. My last big event was the Mulan premiere. To be socially active, especially being an influencer in LA, that really drives our relationships and that’s why we come to LA. What we do is not the norm, and now we’ve had to adapt to this new norm.

Are there any products that you’re gravitating towards as your new go-to items? And what products would you recommend to people who are stuck at home, but still want to wear makeup?

I’ve been switching up my foundation, but what’s in my drawer right now is Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury. It has a little bit of an illuminating base with a tint. It comes in a range of colors and it’s very lightweight. I'll just rub it in my hands, like a moisturizer and it evens out my skin tone. I do feel glowy and refreshed.

What product would you suggest to someone who is celebrating something virtually or wants to dress up at home?

If you're feeling down and you’ve been in your pajamas for the past two, three weeks, get dressed. If you're feeling down and you love to get dolled up, blow dry your hair, curl your hair, put on some lashes, some lipstick, moisturize your skin. Chances are your skin, if you're an avid makeup wearer, has received a break from wearing makeup all the time. When I put on my makeup, I was just floored at how beautiful that makeup was sitting on my skin because I hadn't worn makeup for so long. Be in the state of mind that prompts you as if you were to be stepping out.

I wanted to ask you about TikTok, as I notice you’re active on there. What are your feelings on the platform and do you have any favorite videos?

I love all the pranks. TikTok is almost like a bridge between generations, there is literally something for everyone. One of my favorite videos is watching kids put pasta in their mouth, and then the parents crack their backs, but the kid bites on the pasta at the same time. The parents’ reactions are so funny. You really couldn’t see something like that on Instagram or YouTube because everything is so curated and edited. TikTok is a free for all.

How has TikTok helped you with your brand and how do you use it?

I love lip-singing. The app is so genius, in that sounds are up for grabs. Anyone can create a sound or create a video using the sound. I’m able to create videos where I’m acting out something or dancing with Jessica Alba, casual.

What’s one song that you love to sing along to on TikTok?

Oh my gosh, anything Doja Cat. She’s just a genius, and to see her come to life on TikTok, and to see other artists coming up on TikTok, it’s crazy.

We talked earlier about your Joe Exotic and Selena videos, but do you think you’ll be doing even more celebrity transformations in the future?

It’s funny, with all this time, I just bought a brown wig. I have yet to do the J. Lo Super Bowl challenge, so stay tuned for that TikTok.

What’s one of the first things you want to do when social distancing is over?

Oh my god, I want to eat — eat with confidence. I’ve only ordered Postmates twice in the last month, because it’s scary to have that possible contact with the packaging and the bag.

With all this time at home, what are some looks that we should start practicing for summer?

Since we have to be home, I would say practice looking like a clown. This is your chance to make mistakes on your makeup. If you've always wanted to contour your nose, which I remember back in my day was so scary but intimidating, because I wanted to get it right. Practice highlighting, a cut crease, practicing wearing lashes. This would be the time to wear it around your house, and practice it every day, whether it be for Zoom or FaceTime. Now's the time to make mistakes for your makeup and learn, because there's no accountability to be embarrassed if your lash falls off. Makeup isn’t one size fits all.