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Instagram’s Favorite Clean Beauty Brand Launched A Dewy Alternative To Foundation

Saie's Slip Cover — its first tinted moisturizer — has arrived.

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Every fall, foundation and other complexion products work their way back into the routines that put them on hold for summer, as the season calls for more coverage that salt water and sweat can't threaten. For those who struggle with this transition, the tug and pull of wanting "the look" without wanting to feel weighed down, a solid tinted moisturizer is often the best option — and the newest on the market, Saie's Slip Cover, might just be one of the strongest contenders of 2020.

Available in nine flex shades, the luxe clean beauty favorite entered the complexion category while staying true to what has made the brand so popular: complete with a clean, skin-loving formula, a dewy sheer finish, and a thoughtful dose of SPF 35 (100 percent mineral sunscreen). Promising hydration above all, this tinted moisturizer is packed with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, sweet pea extract, argan and other natural oils that deliver a smooth, lightweight complexion, plus licorice for brightening.

What's more, to further Saie's commitment to creating products not only good for the skin but for the environment, the Slip Cover tubes are made of 100 percent sugarcane bio-resin, a substitution for virgin plastic.

Courtesy of Saie

Despite years of working in the beauty industry, trying new and innovative formulas in cream, liquid, and powder form, I'd yet to come across a foundation or tinted moisturizer that I wanted to have on my face on daily basis. I like my skin to look like my skin, imperfections and all, and have a long list of non-negotiables — is it greasy? heavy? too mattifying? ashy color payoff? — that rendered every other option a failed try.

Slip Cover checks all of the boxes, feeling almost like a serum or dewy cream highlight on my skin, where a little goes a long way. It evens out my complexion but doesn't mask it, and it wears well throughout the day without slipping or melting off of my face. Even better, there's no need to shake the packaging or worry about the formula separating, the first two pumps are all you'll need.

See Saie's Slip Cover in action below, and shop directly from for $45.

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