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Starface and Hello Kitty Teamed Up For The Year’s Cutest Skincare Product

Your favorite acne patches have just gotten a makeover.

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The year of adorable beauty collaborations continue. Starface, the brand behind star-shaped acne stickers, is celebrating the 60th anniversary of Hello Kitty in style, and announced the arrival of Hello Kitty-shaped acne patches.

Available online now, the release marks the first ever collaboration for Starface, a vegan skincare line that has steadily added to its product regimen. The Big Hello Kitty features 32 acne patches, and each sticker features a version of Hello Kitty's face with starry eyes.

Packaged inside an all-white box that's made to look like Hello Kitty, the stickers feature the same formula as Starface's Hydro-Stars. Formulated for use on all skin types, stickers are made with 100% hydrocolloid, a substance borrowed from surgical dressing that’s should help flatten your pimples by absorbing bacteria and fluid.

By placing the adorable sticker on top of a pesky blemish, you reduce the chance of picking your skin, and the sticker also protect the pimple from outside bacteria and scarring. Plus, with this new Hello Kitty version, you can turn acne into something cute.

The Big Hello Kitty comes after Starface unveiled additional new products in its lineup, including limited-edition vote stars, face wash, and an exfoliating night water. As for Hello Kitty, the cute character has collaborated with plenty of big names in the past, including Levi's and Dr. Martens.

See this latest Hello Kitty collab, below.

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