Courtesy of Starface


Starface Made A Face Wash Just As Instagrammable As Its Pimple Patches

It's the brand's first new category since launch.

After shaking the industry table with its extremely Instagrammable debut pimple patches, Starface has unveiled its first-ever face wash, its first new category since launch. Named Space Wash — in theme with the brand's galactic, internet aesthetic — the clean, plant-based formula was developed to gently treat acne-prone and sensitive skin, without leaving the face feeling tight and dried out like other acid-based options on the market.

Priced at $16, the dermatologist-tested face wash checks all of the boxes you'd expect from an everyday wash, from gently removing makeup to dead skin cells and acne-causing bacteria, going deep beneath the skin's surface to heal and prevent infections. The formula sees a handful of active ingredients, including calendula officinalis flower extract to promote fast healing for dry and damaged skin, holy basil leaf extract to treat and prevent skin infections and acne-causing bacteria, and white willow bark extract, a natural salicylic acid alternative that deeply penetrates and cleans the pores. Coming in at 4.2 ounces, you'll get a significant amount of product, too.

Much like the brand's popular Hydro-Star pimple patches, Space Wash is oil-free, vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified, and tested safe for nursing and pregnant mothers. According to the brand's founder Julie Schott, Space Wash continues Starface's mission to invigorate and destigmatize the acne space in the beauty industry.

"Cleanser is the first step in any skin-care routine, and for those with acne-prone skin, one of the most important," Schott tells NYLON. "We wanted to reinvent that daily staple because most drugstore cleansers, even those commonly recommended by derms, are actually made with unnecessary additives, preservatives, and fragrances that can exacerbate acne."

Check out campaign images of the cleanser in action, below, and shop Space Wash ($16) online directly from Starface.