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Starface’s Newest Launch Turns Your Pimples Into A Constellation

The brand released glow in the dark pimple patches

Since its launch in 2019, Starface has turned the task of banishing a blemish into an art form. The company, founded by former beauty director Julie Schott, is all about making skin care fun and colorful, and its latest product launch is no exception. After finding a way to turn pimple patches into stars, Starface has unveiled glow-in-the-dark pimple patches, called Glow Stars, that will turn your face into a mini-constellation.

Retailing for $18, Glow Stars are packaged in sets of 32, and feature the same acne fighting ingredients as Starface's debut Hydro Star product. For those new to the world of Starface, the Glow Stars can also be purchased with a Big Yellow ($34), an adorable smiling box made to hold your patches.

To get the most glow, you need only hold a patch under direct light for at least one minute. From there, you can slap that sticker on and let it get to work. The stars are filled with hydrocolloid, which is a proven ingredient in fighting acne. As Starface explained in an accompanying press release, hydrocolloid speeds up the zit healing process, drawing out pimple pus, blocking outside bacteria, and preventing you from poking, picking, or popping that pimple. Certified for all skin types, the stars are intended to be worn overnight, or at least six hours.

Check out the product in all its glowing glory, below.

Courtesy of Starface
Courtesy of Starface
Courtesy of Starface