Sunday II Sunday Is Innovating Post-Workout Haircare For Textured Hair

So you don't have to choose between maintaining your style and breaking a sweat.

Can you imagine having to decide between doing a workout or maintaining your hair? For many Black women, as well as others who have tight or kinky textured curl patterns, it is very much a reality. In a recent study, experts found that close to 40% of Black women withstand physical activity or exercise due to their hair. Knowing how much effort and money goes into protecting and maintaining a head full of textured hair, it makes sense why many feel of a workout isn’t worth sweating out a hairstyle, nor the time and energy it’ll take to re-do it after the fact.

With that in mind, entrepreneur and founder Keenan Beasley found himself innovating in the post-workout beauty space, creating the new and already much-loved haircare brand, Sunday II Sunday. Officially launched in the spring of 2020, this the brand chose to laser focus on caring for the hair — and scalp — before, during, and after a workout.

Beasley grew up around highly active women, and as he began to enter the beauty space he noticed a disconnect between the mainstream routines that were being lauded everywhere and the amount of women with textured hair who could actually afford to access them. “The fact that a huge population of women were compromising on both their health and enjoyment because of their hair was simply something I had to help solve,” Beasley shared with NYLON over email. “I truly feel that nothing should hold anyone back from living their life to the fullest.”

According to Dr. Jen Alexander, Sunday II Sunday's head of research & development, dry and itchy scalps, brittle or frizzy hair strands, and an overall loss of hairstyle are just a few of the major concerns among women with textured hair after a workout. “Women with textured hair often experience more dryness on their hair and scalp due to the shape of their hair follicles,” she explains, making “oils and butters some of the most used and loved products among this group because they are great for replenishing moisture as well as defining curls and fighting frizz.”

Focusing first and foremost on removing sweat while still maintaining the hairstyle, Sunday II Sunday released its first collection as a Moisture Balance Kit, including four essential products meant to protect your hair from unwanted moisture, like sweat for example. The four products include the Edge Flourish Daily Nourishing Serum ($28), which is great when looking to “minimize hair breakage from scarves, hats, headbands, etc. and excessive dryness that can result from sweating,” explains Dr. Alexander. It also includes the Revive Me Daily Moisturizing Spray ($31), which is a curl revitalizer that also tackles post workout frizz, along with the Soothe Me Daily Scalp Serum ($28), which is infused with peppermint oil to help relieve a dry and itchy scalp.

The collection rounds out with the Root Refresh Micellar Rinse ($31), which is formulated with apple cider vinegar to help to break down and remove build up from the hair without stripping it of any of natural oils. Considering that most women with textured hair don’t wash their hair as often as those with straighter textures, Dr. Alexander recommends this product to be used immediately right after a workout to “remove sweat and dirt from the scalp and to minimize odor.”

If you’ve found yourself in the same compromising position, deciding whether to keep your natural or protective hairstyle intact or breaking a sweat, then Sunday II Sunday might be the brand for you to try. You can shop some of the brands key products below, or at

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