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The Latest Supergoop! Releases Include A Summer SPF Kit And That T-Shirt You’ve Seen All Over Instagram

All of your SPF needs, in one photo-ready package.

Ensuring you'll never leave home without sunscreen again, Supergoop! teamed up with MZ Wallace to create a summer SPF essentials kit with all of your safe sun skin-care must-haves. The summer essentials kit debuted on May 19, and features an adorable blue quilted bag packed with Supergoop! products.

Available for $95, the cosmetics company collaborated with MZ Wallace, a New York-based handbag company, on a mini collection of items needed for your daily summer beauty routine. Inside the bag, which features a colorful blue and yellow interior, are three of Supergoop!'s most popular products, including its SPF 40 Unseen Sunscreen, Play Everyday lotion featuring broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen, and the PLAY lip balm that protects the lips from sun and provides hydration.

As Supergoop! explained on its Instagram, the size of the limited-edition offering was created to be travel-friendly. And with items for your lip, face, and body, everything needed for a day of proper summer skin care is included. Inside, the bag also features a mesh pocket, which keeps all of your product in place and ready for a quick post-swim touchup.

In addition to the release of a new kit, Supergoop! announced the return of its Instagram-friendly t-shirt. Available just in time for the last few weeks of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the Wear Sunscreen tee can be purchased through the brand's website. The blue tee features the phrase "Wear Sunscreen" emblazoned across the front.

Peek inside the bag with Supergoop!'s Instagram announcements, below.