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17 Night Out-Proof Hair and Makeup Essentials

These products will keep you looking good until the lights come on.

For over a year, sweaty clubs, busy bars, and crowded concerts were considered a thing of the past. Now, the promise (or the threat, depending how you look at it) of social interaction is looming large. Birthday parties! Concerts! Girls’ trips! Just good old fashioned nights-on-the-town! While many of us missed the ritual of getting ready while listening to music and spending half an hour blending out your eyeshadow, no one missed wandering into a grimy bar bathroom only to discover that your mascara is smeared and your hair has fallen flat.

It’s time to relearn how to put your party face on and make it last.

With the re-entry to society aligning with the hottest days of late summer, it’s time to call in extra help from the cavalcade of long-wearing, water-proof, and otherwise dance-resistant makeup and hair products. With proper preparation, you’ll never dab your face with toilet paper or tie your hair up in a messy bun again.

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