10 Taurus-Inspired Manicures Ideas To Grab The Season By the Horns

Embrace the sign of the bull.

Spring has sprung and a new astrological season is underway. After a fiery Aries month, Taurus season—which runs until May 20—brings some much-needed stability. An earth sign known for their passion, intelligence, and dependability, ushers in this next month as the perfect time to embrace the more practical side of ourselves. But just because Taureans are grounded, doesn’t mean they don’t have style. Represented by the bull, Taurus is a strong and confident sign that brings with it a fresh, sophisticated energy, you’ll want to channel from April into May.

Here are 10 ideas to run by your nail tech for the rest of the season.

Green Tips

Embrace the earthy nature of Taurus season with green and brown french tips in multiple vibrant and deep shades.