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The 7 Best Pimple Patch Options Under $30, From Starface to Corsx

Affordable, adorable, and effective.

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The process of getting rid of a pesky blemish can now apparently double as a fashion statement — or at least something you're not embarrassed to be seen in public doing. Pimple patches, a truly ingenious invention, have become a mainstay in the beauty industry, and while past and present iterations of the product have leaned on translucent stickers, other brands are embracing the art of acne. Whether you want to turn your collection of whiteheads into a work of art, or you're in dire need of a product that will get rid of your most pesky zit, here are some of the best pimple patch options.

But with so many options on the market, picking out the right pimple patch comes down to personal preference, need, and budget. Translucent patches that can easily disappear when applied to any skin tone remain a popular and often affordable option, but some brands, including Starface and Squish have turned pimple patches into an accessory, creating fun, shaped deigns.

Along with a variation in appearance, some patches are moving away from a formulation of only hydrocolloid. The gel forming agent is often featured on patches, and when applied to the skin, the ingredient draws out moisture and all that gunk that forms your worst pimples. Nowadays, you'll find patches with salicylic acid, vitamin a, and aloe vera in the mix. The process of pimple patches is easy enough, but it's best to give a careful read through of any accompanying directions, as there can be a time limit on how long you can wear the patch.

Find out which pimple patch is best for your blemish, below.

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