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The Founders Of This Viral Hashtag Want To Change How Black Makeup Artists Are Represented On Instagram

"We want black creators to feel like they have a place in this industry"

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Two makeup artists want to create a more inclusive representation of beauty creators online. Darius McKiver and Josh Crosby Killerkingggg are the creators of the #ColourPopMeBlack hashtag, an online movement spurred by the desire to see beauty brands highlight creators of color.

As McKiver and Killerkingggg told NYLON, the hashtag was created last year, but it was only in April that it picked up steam with other users. Their efforts have since been recognized by the brand, with ColourPop sharing a few of the looks created using the hashtag. "This is long overdue. We want to give credit where it’s due, thank you @neonmua and @killer_kinggg for starting a powerful movement, #ColourPopMeBlack," the brand wrote on Thursday, June 4.

However, McKiver told NYLON that their work was about more than receiving online credit. "We want black creators to feel like they have a place in this industry, and we will do everything we can to push for that whether it’s with Colourpop or any other brand. It’s gonna take more than just an expansive foundation range to show black and brown people that you care," he said.

Additionally, Killerkingggg wants other Black creators to feel empowered to share their work, and demand more from the brands and people they choose to support. "Change won't happen if we stay quiet and it definitely doesn't happen overnight. You have a platform no matter how many followers you have. Use it," he said.

When it comes to entering the online beauty space, both creators also want to encourage others to join in. Killerkingggg suggested looking to your surroundings for inspiration, and blazing your own path, while McKiver said to embrace the unusual.

"Don’t be afraid to create something that goes against the norm. We see so many people come into the makeup space trying to the be the next James Charles or Jaclyn Hill, but the best thing to do is just be yourself and create the makeup that you like. That’s how I found my artistry," McKiver said.

Below, check out some of the submissions for #ColourPopMeBlack.

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