INH Hair x Care Bears hair dye
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INH Hair Teamed Up With The Care Bears To Create A Bright Collection Of Pastel Hair Dye

The vegan, semi-permanent shades will reportedly last through 15 shampoos.

The nostalgia-inducing beauty collaborations continue, with the launch of Insert Name Here Hair's collection of Care Bear-inspired hair coloring. The new hair dye hues will join the brand's recently launched collection of vegan, semi-permanent hair coloring called Insert Color Here.

New Care Bears colors will be available for online shopping beginning December 4, and each color will retail for $18. There will be five colors to choose from, and dyes will be sold individually, or as a complete vault ($72).

Each color is named and colored for a corresponding Care Bear, beginning with a soft pink for Love-a-Lot Bear. Additional dyes include a deep sky blue for Grumpy Bear, a vibrant lilac for Share Bear, a bright sunshine yellow for Funshine Bear, and a mint blue for Wish Bear.

For those considering the Care Bear color plunge, it is suggested that you take note of your hair's pre-dye condition, as color deposit will vary upon your current color. INH's hair color requires no pre-lightning process, and the vegan formula deposits pigment while also conditioning, leaving hair feeling soft. Colors will reportedly last through 15 shampoos.

As with any hair dye, you should first conduct a patch test, ensuring that you experience no adverse reaction to the dye.

See the colorful collab, below.