5 Nail Polish Trends That Will Get Your Manicure Summer Ready

Plus, 15 polish shades to try.

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We know what you’re thinking, summer already?! Well, not quite — although mentally, a few of us have been there for a while now. Even though summer isn't physically here yet, it’s never too early to prepare for its arrival. To help get your manicure right for the upcoming season, we chatted with a few experts to get an inside scoop on which polish shades will be popping this year.

The colors of summer are usually about being bright and bold, but, this year, Jessica Tong, nail artist and brand ambassador for Smith & Cult, believes summer will include mixing in the light pastels associated with spring. "The color palette will be like Miami Vice, '80s Florida vibes ... A mix of pastels and vibrant tropical [colors] and, of course, a linen pants white," she shared with NYLON.

Outside of being super bright and colorful for the season, founder of nail care brand Sundays, Amy Lin, believes that nudes will be one way of staying practical with the times. "Nude colors are always a safe and practical choice for summer," she wrote via email. "Nude colors will continue to be popular as people are washing their hands so much that bright colors can fade with this process."

Whichever nail avenue you plan on taking this season, whether it's bright hues, light pastels, or staple nudes, ahead are 15 shades that will be perfect for any summer manicure.

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Coral is one of those summer shades that will literally never go away. Regardless of skin tone or how much of a tan you have at the time, coral is a shade that suits most anyone. The "cherry orange" shade helps "incite feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth," said Lin.

SUMMER 2021 NAIL COLOR TREND: Fruity Pastels

Pastels are always fun to wear because no matter the occasion they can make any manicure or pedicure look put together. "I’m seeing fruity takes on the classic rainbow everywhere for summer, like mint green and lilac," founder of Nails INC. Thea Green said. This makes for a fresh and fun way to complement sun-kissed skin.


As Lin said, going nude will be a very practical color choice for summer, especially considering it's less noticeable when a manicure is a bit worn in. With the variety of nudes out there, you're bound to find one that will complement your skin tone.


Regardless of how you feel about the color, pink is here to stay. This summer it's all about the bright and hot pinks to make your skin glow. As Green said, "Since we’re all looking for a boost of positivity and happiness these days, I'd say it'll be the brighter the better this summer."

SUMMER 2021 NAIL COLOR TREND: Bold Primary Colors

There's nothing quite like a classic red nail no matter what time of the year. While red is a fine staple, a bold classic yellow, or blue can brighten up your summer look.

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