I Tried The TikTok Viral Overnight Sheet Mask — Here Is My Honest Review

You can even eat a bagel in this trending ultra-adhesive sheet mask.

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As someone who loves sheet masks, I thought I’d tried practically everything in the category. That was until the Derm•All Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask started showing up continuously on my TikTok For You page. Countless rave reviews on TikTok are saying that using the mask just once removes dead skin cells, leaves you glowing, gives the appearance of wearing “10 layers of toner and serum,” and even plumps out wrinkles. I was instantly intrigued by the promises of getting Korean glass skin fast, as well as the unusual directive to wear the mask overnight and how it’s meant to change color from white to clear as you wear it.

It’s safe to say that the TikTok effect worked on me and I was convinced to try the viral Derm•All Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask. Read on for my honest review.

The TikTok Viral Mask

Fast Facts:

  • Price: $29.20 for four masks
  • Who this is best for: People with dry skin or anyone in need of a hydration boost
  • What I like: The highly adhesive sheets are a game-changer for comfort of wear my skin felt noticeably more radiant after one use.
  • What I didn’t like: I didn’t find much evidence that it had removed any dead skin cells or exfoliated my face
  • My rating: 4/5

How To Use It:

The Facial Dermal-care Mask is designed to be worn overnight (the instructions say the longer you wear it, the better the results are), but technically it only needs to stay on for a minimum of two hours to work properly. I’m a side sleeper who forgot to put it on before going to bed, so I decided to try it out on a work-from-home day for three hours. The instructions also recommend applying a hydrating toner before use. I cleansed my face in the shower and then used the Laneige Cream Skin toner to prep my skin before opening the mask.

Packaging & First Impressions:

Unlike other sheet masks that feel like soggy pieces of cloth coming out of the packet, this mask has a jelly-like consistency and doesn’t come with any excess liquid in the packaging. The consistency made it easy to apply, although I had to reposition it a few times under my eyes and around my nose to ensure it didn’t overhang. The longer I wore the mask, the more it clung to my face and the more comfortable it became, and as promised, it even started turning transparent after one hour.

The Facial Dermal-Care Mask is meant to stick to your face better than other sheet masks and not slide around as you sleep (or go about you day as usual). Considering I applied the mask right before eating a bagel, I truly put this to the test. While the mask tore a little around the mouth while I was eating, it still stayed put. I was impressed. For the next few hours I worked, took a Zoom call (I did first need to warn colleagues that I looked like Lord Voldemort), and even cleaned up around my apartment. No movement from the mask.

The Results:

After about three hours and once the mask was almost completely clear, I removed it to examine my results. Carefully inspecting the sheets for gunk and debris, I didn’t find much proof that it had removed any dead skin cells from my face. However, my skin did feel noticeably more glowy and hydrated.

While many moisturizing masks just leave my face feeling wet and gooey, taking off the Dermal-Care Mask left me looking like I had just layered on all my favorite products perfectly and was simultaneously having a good skin day. Later that night, I met up with friends without makeup on and got compliments on my skin.

Immediately after applying
One hour into use
1 / 4
1 / 4

Is The Derm•All Matrix Dermal Care Sheet Mask Worth It?

You can buy a pack of four Derm•All Matrix’s Facial Dermal-Care Masks for $29.20 — if it’s not already sold out thanks to TikTok. It’s a pretty high price point for four masks, especially when the brand recommends masking multiple times a week. While I probably wouldn’t want to spend $30 per week on sheet masks (or would even remember to do it four times a week), I consider myself officially sold on using the mask as a weekly treatment. With such great results after just one use, I’ve been wondering how much better they can get if I leave it on longer, or use them more often.

Final Verdict:

No, the Derm•All Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask didn’t give me perfect glass skin but the “10 layers of toner and serum” review felt accurate. By simply sticking a mask on your face, you can bypass the ordeal of an entire skincare routine — at the cost of looking scary for a few hours. I also woke up the next morning to another good skin day. Needless to say, I’ll soon be putting the viral mask to the side-sleeping test and have even decided to pack one with me to wear on a long-haul flight this weekend.

About Me:

I’m a beauty writer with a combination skin type and a tendency toward finding and trying TikTok skin and haircare trends. I’ve covered beauty and wellness for over six years and buy 90% of my sheet masks from Koreatown in New York.