TikTokers Are Loading Up On Liquid Blush For This Viral Makeup Hack

The more blush the better.

It seems like every week there’s a new blush hack on TikTok. From using blush under your eyes to conceal dark circles to using your palms to create high blushed cheekbones, blush is officially back and it’s bolder than ever. The latest blush trend circulating on the app this week also includes copious amounts of blush but involves applying the product in an unusual makeup order, so you look like you're “blushing from within.”

Makeup influencer Stephanie Valentine—known as “Glamzilla”, with over 1.5 million followers on TikTok—tried the hack earlier this month, calling it the “craziest blush hack ever.” She said the Rare Beauty brand by Selena Gomez taught her the hack, which involved using the new Rare Beauty Liquid Blush and tinted moisturizer. The trending makeup hack is to apply a heavy amount of liquid blush, blend it out, then apply tinted moisturizer “like normal” overtop of the blush. Stephanie said she swears “it’s even prettier when you apply it with your fingers.” It’s supposed to look like you’re naturally blushing and glowing from within.

Since Stephanie’s viral post, other TikTok makeup creators have jumped on the trend, showing its effect on different skin tones. Nidal Kabashi, who has over 225 thousand followers on the app, jumped on the trend yesterday and surpassed over 1.6 million views (and counting). While she initially felt like she was “using five years' worth of this blush because it's so pigmented,” Nidal loved the final blended result, ending the video with “I’m doing this again” and encouraging her followers to try it.

As we head into summer and lean into wearing lightweight but glowing makeup, this blush hack could become the next warm-weather go-to look. (We especially love Rare Beauty’s Tinted Moisturizer, which contains SPF 20 for extra sun coverage. It also cements the Rare Beauty blush as a TikTok favorite, after being sold out for months on end and winning “Best Blush” at the 2022 Allure Readers’ Choice Awards. It’s clear that, whether you put it under your skin tint or on top of your foundation, Selena Gomez’s formula continues to be a versatile hit across the internet. Blush on.