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Where To Shop For TikTok’s Trendy Color Eye Contacts

Switch it up, safely.

These days color contacts are no longer just for special effects in films or for cosplay enthusiasts. The ’90s-favorite trend has been making an impactful return onto social platforms as influencers demo changing their eye color to create the overall aesthetic they desire—which of course, can change by the day. Celebrities have longtime been fans of color contacts for changing up their looks. Paris Hilton was rarely seen without her blue color eye contacts throughout the aughts. Kanye made creepy ice blue contacts a feature of a his Met Gala look 2016. Nicky Minaj is a color contacts regular, to go with different outfits and characters— she was wearing them as recently as the 2022 VMAs.

Something to keep in mind, however, when wearing color eye contacts (or any contacts), is the safety of your eyes. Even though color contacts can be used for purely cosmetic purposes, contact lenses are generally prescribed by medical professionals to improve vision impairments and need to be FDA approved to be eye-safe. In addition, Some basic protocols like avoiding sleeping with contacts on, properly cleaning them in lens solution, and not over wearing them is important to prevent infection or possibly even more long term sight consequences. It’s important not to askew safety for any trend.

That being said, whether you want to amp up a Halloween costume or just look subtly different in your day-to-day, color contacts offer a solid option. Check out these TikTok viral and FDA approved online storefronts to shop for color contact lenses.

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Solótica has been one of the best known colored contact lens companies for years, but more recently the brand has been a frequently featured fave by content creators on TikTok. This brand is has a really wide nuanced shade range, great for intensifying your eye color, or seamlessly blending the contact color with your eye color for a most natural look.

Air Optix Colors

Whether you have a need for corrective lenses or not, Air Optix is a safe brand that give a very natural look and wear comfortably. They also offer a search tool to locate an optometrist near you that you get the most accurate scripts and fit for your eyes. Their gray lenses are the brand’s best selling color.


If you want a wide array of vibrant color contact options from fantasy and cosplay colors, to beautifully real-looking shades, Eyevos may be the online contact store for you. The website also lists best-sellers and even lets you know what specific color lens are trending now. They also offer prescription services.