Nail Stickers Are Making It Easy To Get Trendy Tattoo Nails

The crossover we didn’t know we needed.

With both Y2K-style temporary tattoos and nail stickers trending, we were bound to see a cross-over eventually. This week, Mei Kawajiri (better known by her Instagram handle, @nailsbymei) gave us just that cross-over by partnering up with temporary tattoo brand Inked by Dani, by artist Dani Egna, to release tattoo-art inspired nail stickers. Mei Kawajiri is one of the most in-demand nail artists around, creating elaborate nail looks for celebrities like Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and Rosalía, so it’s especially exciting that we at home can get our hands on her designs at home.

The collaboration consists of a variety of nail stickers and matching full-sized temporary tattoos, including butterflies, alien heads, rainbows, and hearts. Essentially all of your colorful, turn of the millennium designs. “Mei and Dani teamed up to co-design Y2K-inspired nail art with matching full size tattoos,” wrote Dani Egna in her Instagram caption for the release. How much cuter can it get?

The collaboration is the ultimate combination of nail art, nostalgia, and tattoos that we didn’t know we needed. You can mix and match designs as you see fit on your nails and skin to give any manicure or outfit a healthy dose of 2000s kitsch. Every tattoo seems to be designed to make the wearer smile.

While at the pinnacle of the trend, this collab isn’t the only nostalgic nail art sticker out there. Brands like Flowerbed Nails and Gloss Decals have also popped up in the beauty world. With playful throwback designs like smiley faces, chili peppers, yin yangs, and cherubs. Consider these options all ways to master nail art as a novice. All you need to do is paint your base shade and then style the stickers as desired. Even simpler, you can even leave nails bare for a more tattoo-like look. Stickers have officially become the easiest way to decorate your manicure without a trip to the nail salon.

Prior to this release, tattoo-inspired nail art has already been bubbling up as a trend. We’re seeing tribal-inspired designs and black and white line work amongst cutesier designs. These are obviously hard to achieve on your own, so we’re lucky nail stickers provide an instant solution. Below, check out some more inspiration for tattoo manicures featuring the best of nail art and nail stickers.