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Belly Button Rings Are Coming Back, According to Etsy

Time to book a piercing appointment!

It's news to no one that the fashion stylings of the 2000s are back: Crop tops, chokers, and tiny sunglasses have now all been accepted as normal inclusions to our wardrobes in 2020. But there are still some early-aughts trends that have failed to break through into today's sartorial zeitgeist, that is, until now. On Monday, Etsy released its report on jewelry trends for Spring 2020, and belly button rings are getting ready for a modern-day renaissance.

Once famously known as a shining midriff staple seen on such 2000s-era pop stars as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé, the belly ring had fallen off the radar after the mid-aughts. Over the last six months, however, searches for belly button rings on Etsy have been up 20 percent compared to the same time last year. Shops on the online marketplace are updating this throwback accessory with rose or yellow gold metals, as well as dainty charms or crystal pendants. And for those who aren't sure if they're ready for the commitment that comes with piercing a hole in your stomach, many sellers are creating faux belly rings, too.

Other trends that are on the rise, according to Etsy, include ear cuffs, beaded earrings, and pieces inspired by the female form — searches for "boob jewelry" are up by 46 percent. If a boob necklace makes you want to clutch your pearls, searches for heirloom-style pieces, like lockets, broaches, and glasses chains are also trending for the warm weather months. This spring, there is really something for everyone.

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