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This Bath Bomb Cured My Insomnia

And made my bath luxurious AF

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Like every other millennial, I'm a sucker for a good bath. I have a few favorite products that I always use, but there's only one that I think might have actual superpowers, because it's cured me of my sleepless nights, and makes me feel like a queen in the process. A bath bomb did all that. I swear.

Here's the thing: When I'm having a particularly stressful week, my brain loves to work against me by refusing to shut off, leaving me staring at my ceiling for hours until I have to wake up and face my stressors again. It's a vicious cycle to which I wanted to find a natural solution, but couldn't until I had a good soak in a bath with one of Lush's Lavender Giant Bombshells.

The Bombshell is more involved than a typical bath bomb, which often completely disappears after it's fizzed out. The Bombshell contains dried flowers, so it leaves behind a gorgeous assortment of lavender, chamomile, and roses once it's vanished. Nothing feels more luxurious to me than being surrounded by petals and enveloped in their gorgeous scent, and nothing is more relaxing to me than luxury, so, yeah, 15 minutes in one of these baths and my mind turns itself off. It's amazing.

Even more amazing is the way in which the Bombshell leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, thanks to its inclusion of chamomile blue oil, rose absolute oil, and lavender oil, plus some tea tree oil and oat flower to soothe skin.

But as much as I love when my skin is soft, there's nothing that beats the way I feel when I get out of the tub: My eyes are droopy, and I'm actually ready to go to sleep. Instead of my mind being occupied with anxieties and stress, I'm only thinking about how long it will take me to get to my bedroom and collapse into bed, where I know I'll actually sleep a full night, no matter how worried I am about the next day.

The only stress I have after the Bombshell is a few dried petals stuck to the bottom of my bathtub that I have to clean up the next morning. But you know what? It's worth it, because I've just had a full night's sleep.

Lush, Lavender Giant Bombshell, $14.95, available at Lush.

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