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This Drugstore Facial Oil Is My New Winter Skin Obsession

It doesn't hurt that it's also clean, sustainable, and 100 percent vegan

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I might love a lot of things about living in New York, but the winter isn't one of them. While there are a number of things I can complain about—like how quickly a romantic first snow morphs into a disgusting pile of brown and yellow slush—there's one aspect of a New York winter I absolutely dread: the fact that it leaves my skin in complete turmoil.

From frigid morning commutes to the constant in-and-out of drying indoor heating systems, winter really takes a toll on my already pretty dry complexion. I rely heavily on my skin-care favorites (and plenty of water) to keep my skin looking and feeling as supple and hydrated as possible all season long, my hero product being the facial oil. I *guess* you can say I'm sort of obsessed.

A lot of facial oils come across my desk, and I have a running list of favorites. Nine times out of 10, though, they're pretty pricey, as it's typical for pure, natural, and clean ingredients to equate to steeper price tags—except for my most recent discovery. I've finally found a drugstore facial oil I believe in, one that's affordable but doesn't sacrifice the integrity of the ingredients, and that, well, works: Pacifica's Crystal Lit Moon Oil.

Blue tansy, lavender, jojoba, and argan oils, along with squalane and a slew of other natural and clean ingredients, work to keep my skin hydrated and fresh, even as winter—the big bully that it is—begins to creep in, coming for me and my once-dewy complexion. The formula absorbs quickly, leaving my face feeling smooth and soft, but never greasy or clogged. It's also formulated with the subtlest hint of shimmer (hence the "Crystal Lit") that gives me a gorgeous glow without going overboard. And at $22 a bottle, how could I go wrong?

Clean and cruelty-free beauty isn't always necessarily affordable, but Pacifica offers quality, 100 percent vegan products in recyclable packaging that are free of nasty ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates (just to name a few)—all at prices that won't leave you broke. And it even has its own recycling program. To be honest, I'm a pretty big Pacifica fan in general (can we talk about those nifty deodorant wipes?), so you bet I'll be stocking up on more of this oil before December rolls around.

You can snag your own bottle of moon-inspired magic at Ulta.

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