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Cardi B Wants Moms To "STOP" Leaving Their Kids With Their Boyfriends

"The devil is manipulating their minds"

Cardi B sent out a PSA to all the moms who follow her on Twitter. The rapper stated that she doesn't have a babysitter she can "trust" and warns mothers to never leave children with their boyfriends. She sent this tweet out yesterday, and now I need to know what instilled this distrust in her. Did husband Offset do something? Did someone else?

While she didn't explain this further, Cardi did note in a follow-up that you should *definitely* not be with someone you can't trust your children with. She wrote, "this is not a fucking fairytale love story get rid of him," and well, I'd really love this on a T-shirt.

Though Cardi may still be without a good babysitter, it seems like little Kulture is doing just fine, living it up with her famous mom with that private jet lifestyle. I'd have traded that for some lame babysitter any day when I was younger, anyway.

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