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Watch Carly Rae Jepsen Get Ready For A Date In The Trippiest Possible Way

The new video for "Want You In My Room" is *very* relatable and *very* horny

Carly Rae Jepsen's new music video for "Want You In My Room" is just as bubbly, fun, and well, horny as its song. Released today, it shows Jepsen dancing around both her room and a lush park, trying on an array of sparkly outfits and singing into her hair brush, all before her date picks her up for the night.

At the top of the visuals, Jepsen gets off the phone with her date, and bounces up on the bed in excitement, while the colors of her lingerie, pillows and walls changing with the beat of the song.

Jepsen is over the moon and maybe a little out of her mind over this date. The settings in which she dances escalate to become entirely trippy, with the furniture sprouting arms and playing all the instruments of her band. She's not at all alarmed by the sudden anthropomorphizing of her chairs and dresser, though, and lays down to take in the sweet tunes until her date knocks on the door. Jepsen is so excited by the time he arrives that she tosses the flowers he brought aside, grabs his tie, and follows through on the titular desire.

Watch the video for "Want You In My Room" below.