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15 Celebrity Instagram Live Series You Can Tune Into This Week

From Charli XCX's "Chatting with Friends" to a "Bright Minds Talk Show" with Miley Cyrus

One of the few upsides of our current coronavirus-induced quarantine is the many ways it has forced people all over the world to discover new avenues for entertainment. While TikTok may currently be the preferred platform for time-wasting amongst a large subset of young adults, Instagram — and more specifically, Instagram Live — has continued to be a crucial outlet for all of us looking for any excuse to shout aimlessly into the void. Since the threat of coronavirus is equal for everyone, this trend has extended to celebrities too, who are apparently just as restless as the rest of us. Instagram has organized a handy "IG Live Guide" to help you keep up-to-date on everything you can watch when you're not working from home or pressing play on the next episode of Tiger King.

While your friends may log on to Instagram Live just because they're bored, some celebrities, natural content creators that they are, have taken the next step by using their time on the app to create specific ongoing series, turning what could just be a time to talk to yourself in your iPhone's front-facing camera into a fun activity that everyone can feel a part of. Some of these include designer Brandon Maxwell, who will take a page from the book of his second job as a Project Runway judge to host an "Unconventional Materials Meetup;" indie pop star Charli XCX, who is "Chatting With Friends (friends include Diplo);" Disney royalty Miley Cyrus, who serves as host of the lovably chaotic "Bright Minds Talk Show" featuring special guests; famed DJ Steve Aoki, who will guide bootcamp workouts with a live DJ; Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra, who will lead a children's story time in Spanish; and many more. Each evening will close out with a "daily update" on the ongoing government responses to COVID-19 from actor-cum-Netflix-heartthrob Noah Centineo.

Find a schedule of upcoming Instagram Live sets below:

Wednesday, 3/25

Thursday, 3/26

Friday, 3/27

Saturday, 3/28

Sunday, 3/29