My Houseplants And I Share This Brilliant Beauty Product

*spritz spritz*

by Tembe Denton-Hurst

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As a glutton for all things hydration, it's no surprise that one of my favorite beauty products is a fine mister that can be found at both Instagrammable plant shops in Brooklyn and Sally Beauty's alike. I'm no stranger to the spray bottle—it's an essential part of my hair routine, I can't lay my edges without it—but I had only been used to the options offered at my local beauty supply. Yes, they were available in any color imaginable, but they offered poor-to-decent water delivery and just two settings: squirt and spritz.

The first time that I laid eyes on a fine mister, it was in my friend's hands, and she was misting herself in a cooling, consistent stream of water. After questioning her about its origin, what she used it for, and why I hadn't seen it before that day, I tried it for myself—quickly realizing that all of my misting experiences before that had been inadequate, utilitarian, and, frankly, a little sad.

And then I moved on with my life.

Fast-forward four or five months—I'm a slow-to-purchase kind of girl—and I found myself wandering through the maze of plants in Brooklyn's Greenery Unlimited, marveling at the auto-misters that released streams of water from the ceiling every so often (like in the produce aisle at the supermarket, but much, much better) and plotting my inevitable photo beneath their peach-pink arches. Spoiler: The selfie never happened because I got distracted by a familiar-looking bottle perched on the shelf labeled "Water Me!"

If I could lock eyes with a water bottle—there is a very small hole at the spout that could be an eye if you're imaginative—it happened then, and I quickly abandoned my friend as she continued to admire the various pothos plants so that I could buy the perfect tool to mist my plants—and myself—with abandon. Finally! I exclaimed (to myself, and only myself). The magical mister and I were fatefully reunited, and it was coming home with me.

One rubber plant and fancy spray bottle later, I was the proud owner of a fine mister and ready to upgrade my entire beauty routine; read: mist twice or thrice a day for at least 20 seconds.

Jumping in time once again to present day, and my fancy spray bottle and I are doing just fine. Every morning, I wake up, spray myself and then my plant, the two of us enjoying the early morning sun in our glistening, hydrated glory. It's become meditative in a way—an opportunity to take space, breath in, press down, and enjoy.

Continuous Mist Spray Bottle, $14,

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