Photos courtesy of Missoma


This Jewelry Brand Lets Me Stack To My Heart’s Desire

Quality cute jewelry, even cuter prices

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Let it be known, I'm what you can consider a jewelry fanatic. The more I can stack or pile on, the better. However, I find that it's often pretty tough to find quality pieces at price points I can actually afford, especially when I'm looking to snag multiple items at once.

That's why I was so excited to come across London-based Missoma, a jewelry label offering tons of accessibly priced, trendy pieces, all of a quality that won't turn green, fall apart, or cause some unexplainable allergic reaction, thus allowing me to fulfill all my stacking desires.

You might be wondering why you've never heard of this brand before. Well, Missoma has been around in the U.K. for about a decade, but it's only recently begun to make its mark in the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Missoma

Founder Marisa Hordern's journey into jewelry began when she was just five years old and obsessed with crystals; though she initially worked a corporate job as an adult, she realized it wasn't for her, and began to make jewelry in her own kitchen—without any background in jewelry design or making. The end result was Missoma, her demi-fine jewelry label with prices that rarely rise above $200 (with many pieces under $100). While Missoma's quality is that of fine jewelry, it's still priced at three times less than comparable brands.

And while you'll definitely find Hordern's love for crystals sprinkled throughout her collection—such as the Rose Quartz Shield Pendant—it's her sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces that have me hooked—like the Mini Tidal Hoops, the Evil Eye Signet Ring, and literally all her pendants.

No wonder Missoma counts the likes of Kaia Gerber, Margot Robbie, and Meghan Markle—and me, obviously—among its fans.

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