Dr. Martens Has Your Pride Parade Footwear Covered

I want to wear these every day of next month

Dr. Martens just revealed its 2019 Pride boot, and it'll match anything you want to wear to every event next month. Literally. It features every color of the rainbow, in true Pride spirit, on every last detail. I know what I will be wearing to the NYC parade this year.

Aside from being my favorite style of boot of all time (ICYMI) and featuring rainbow stripes, each eyelet for the laces is a different color of the rainbow, with rainbow threading near the sole. The iconic pull-tab features rainbow writing, too. Turn these bad boys around, and what do you find? The word "Pride," with a heart underneath, just in case people around you didn't pick up what you were throwing down.

Best part of all? A portion of the proceeds go to The Trevor Project, which means you'll be giving back and looking good at the same time. Check out all the details and shop the boot, below.

Dr. Martens, 1460 Pride, $145, available at Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens, 1460 Pride, $145, available at Dr. Martens.

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