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Everyone Loves Addison Rae

Only the highest compliments from Charli XCX and Julia Fox.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Ahead of the June release of her next album, Brat, Charli XCX sat down with TikTok star-turned-podcaster Jake Shane on his interview show Therapuss. In addition to teasing some details about the record and sharing advice on how to deal with a partner with a secret toupee, the singer-songwriter also talked about her admiration for Addison Rae.

The pop star explained that she first became friends with the 23-year old TikTok star when she was working on her EP AR. She notes that Rae is not just an amazing writer, but also a creative twin. “She writes exactly like me, when I work with her it’s like working with myself,” Charli says, adding that Rae is very hands-on and “eloquent” as a songwriter, in addition to having “really, really good taste.” Charli XCX continues by saying that Rae is growing as a songwriter and that anyone who’s worked with the Louisiana native has been “beyond impressed by her work ethic and determination to learn” because “she has such a thirst for knowledge.”

Charli isn’t alone in her praise for Rae. In a recent interview tied to the music-video release for “Down the Drain,” Julia Fox gushed over Rae’s charms. “She is such a pure, genuine soul. She inspires me. She is my muse currently,” she told Rolling Stone. Fox confirms that she is working on a project with Rae and while she can’t share any details, she says “it’s going to be a cultural moment for the history books.”

And let’s not forget that Rae has been close friends with Kourtney Kardashian Barker since 2020, a connection that bridges their 21-year age gap. As Rae tells it, Kardashian reached out to her to surprise her son Mason, who was a big fan of her TikTok. They clicked instantly, and Rae “kind of stuck around, and we got really close.” Kardashian Barker’s response to questions about the friendship also confirms what Charli XCX and Fox have said before: that their “energies align.”