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Agnez Mo & Ciara “Get Loose” In A Slick New Collaboration

See exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the fashion-filled shoot.

Agnez Mo knows how to undergo a reinvention. The 36-year-old Indonesian singer and icon has courted the spotlight since she was eight years old, and has lived multiple lives as a child star, household actress, and now, a full-blown global superstar. On Friday, she unveiled her latest metamorphosis with the simmering, club-ready release “Get Loose,” featuring none other than Ciara — which puts her star power in full focus.

The track is Mo’s first drop of 2023 and it’s worthy of the attention: slick, slinky, and with a sticky bass line, Mo compels you to “get loose” and you can’t help but comply. Ciara, as fresh as ever, lays out a verse that slots in seamlessly and serves as a warning to everyone who loves to go to the club and not dance (you know who you are): “Why you here just to stand up in this section/ shake that thang like you got no reception/ I’m tryna dance ain’t no time to be texting.”

Mo’s charisma as a performer, however, truly comes through in its music video, where she hustles through intricate choreography while mastering multiple aesthetics: Brit-punk, street style, fuzzy bunny, and one glittering, skin-tight catsuit. Alongside 11 backup dancers, Mo and Ciara take over bars, hotel lobbies, rooftops, and underground bunkers with dance moves pulling from hip hop and traditional Indonesian dance — a true East-meets-West collaboration.

“Having to say this is probably my best work so far is one thing, but the amount of joy this song brings me is on another level,” Mo says of the release in a statement. “It’s almost ‘spiritual’!! Creating fearless and boundless music is exactly what this journey is all about. AND THEN to be able to share and experience all that with Ciara? MAGICAL.”

NYLON got an inside look into the shooting of the visual with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. Check them below and watch the video for “Get Loose.”

Laruicci necklace, 8 other reasons earrings, Stylist's own bra and boxers, annakiki pants, nike shoes

Mo: This was at the start of the music video shoot and I was getting into character before our dance scene.

Mo: I've always loved to have the two buns hairstyle! Fun fact: I've been rocking this hairstyle since I was probably nine years old. I just thought it’s amazing to have the two buns hairstyle on this outfit.

David Giampiccolo beret, strike oil top, frou york jewelry, laruicci rings, windowsen belt, lamoda boots, stylist’s own tights

Mo: I remember telling my stylist, Joey, I want to wear something Brit punk, plaid, and with Japanese Harajuku influence. He DELIVERED!!! Every single piece. We were so excited about it.

Mo: I always love chunky industrial accessories! I used to wear all gold color. Now I'm into the silver accessories more. They got big statement pieces.

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Pro Club x Willy Chavvaria shirt, uncuffed leather gloves, stylist’s own earrings, laruicci + Rare romance necklace, nike shoes

Mo: I LOOOVE the last hook part [of “Get Loose”]. That part was super fun to dance and to shoot. I have to have one of the Indonesian traditional dance influencing some of the dance moves.

Ciara: Our fashion choices were an extension of the amazing creative collaboration between us. The flow of the song is parallel to the fashion we picked, loose.

Ambush top, bottom, headpiece, Average Citizen + Laruicci necklace, new rock boots

Mo: When I saw the pictures Ambush sent me, it’s like I want to wear all of the collection! Lol. But there’s was one that stood out and I knew immediately what I wanted to wear, which part of the song, and what the dancers needed to wear when I wore the bunny mask collection. Like, I see it clearly! And that's what we did. Iconic collection in the iconic part of the MV!

Mo: I loooove when I did the scene with Ci. I knew on that part I wanted that fish lens or wide lens angle to create this distorted look, with two dancers in the back while Ci performs in the front — channeling my Missy Elliott-type of music video.

Ciara: Not only is AGNEZ a phenomenal artist, but she was also a wonderful person to be around. Loving our plaid looks!

Mo: We were done with our scene and were on a high from the amazing shoot. We were loving our outfits and wanted to take some photos. Look at our shoes, they were actually comfy.

Ciara: I love showing what women can do together in this industry and blend our cultures. I can’t wait for everyone to see all the hard work we did for “Get Loose” and I hope it makes everyone dance!

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Photos courtesy of AM Photography Team (Adam Yoshihara).