Anna Kendrick stars in 'Love Life' for HBO Max.
Screengrab via YouTube


Anna Kendrick Gets Her Rom-Com Moment In HBO Max's 'Love Life'

Love and life in NYC, heard of it?

Turns out there can never be enough streaming platforms in our little world! HBO Max is the latest platform gearing up for its big debut by teasing out some of its new programming, and one of its offerings is the new series Love Life, starring Anna Kendrick.

Kendrick plays Darby, a twenty-something in New York City who's looking for love with men who just can't seem to get her name right. She's goofy, in case you didn't know! The series will follow a different protagonist’s quest for love each season, with each half-hour episode telling the story of one of their relationships. This season seems dedicated to Darby, who will bring audiences along for her millennial mishaps in matters of the heart, like running into your ex while wearing Crocs because you're just that kooky.

The trailer positions the show as itself a heartwarming story of falling in and out of love, and the growth, empowerment, and all the other buzzwords that come along with it. It also refers to Kendrick's character as a "little derp da derp" who needs to "get back on that dick wagon," so take that how you will.

Kendrick is certainly reaping the benefits of the streaming wars; she's also starring in a Quibi comedy series about a sex doll that comes to life!

Watch the Love Life trailer below and watch it starting May 27.