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Ashe Shares Her Jubilant 2022 European Tour Diary

“The whole thing feels like a dream I’m gonna wake up from any day.”

No one is busier than Ashe. Fresh off the heels of touring Europe, the 28-year-old Californian singer-songwriter — who sky-rocketed to fame during the pandemic through her breezy pop songs — will barely have time to unpack her bags before hitting the road again come July. Only three weeks separate the end of her European Fault Line tour and the start of her Is It Me Or Is It Hot summer romp through the U.S.,and now, there’s something else for her to worry about. On Wednesday, Ashe announced Rae, her forthcoming sophomore effort arriving on October 14 via the acclaimed indie label Mom + Pop. The first single from the project, “Angry Woman,” kicks off the new era with a stinging, raucous wallop. And that’s only the beginning of a busy year ahead.

If it feels like her schedule would overwhelm the average person, Ashe, however, is taking it in stride with more than enough grace. Sharing her photo diary from her European tour with NYLON, it’s clear the singer made every effort to experience each city she played in full, coordinating changing fan projects with her audience and curating unique moments for each city. In Milan, she paid homage with a Gucci-themed outfit. And at every show, she and her audience traded cowboy hats for her crowd-pleasing song, “Another Man’s Jeans.” If some artists describe tour life as a weeks-long blur, Ashe would probably liken it more to a party. And we’re waiting our turn to be invited.

Luckily, one won’t have to wait too long as she kicks off Is It Me Or Is It Hot on July 7 in Milwaukee before traveling through the Pacific northwest and down to Florida. For a sneak peek on what to expect, read on for her intimate tour diary from her 2022 European tour.

Dublin: sold out Dublin, night one of the European Fault Line tour. Breathtaking sight.Muriel Margaret
Manchester: Every night of tour there would be a different fan project for a song in the set and I didn’t even try to hold back the tears.Muriel Margaret
Glasgow: The “Somebody To Love” Queen solo every night was one of my favorite parts of the whole set. Donnie and I would drop to our knees and rock out.Muriel Margaret
London night one: The world’s most incredible band. I could not fathom this tour without them. I’m so lucky. (Tim Spier on drums, Morgan Paros on keys and strings, and Donnie Laudicina on guitar and bass.)Muriel Margaret
London night two: Two sold out nights at Shepherd’s Bush, an absolutely iconic venue in London. I still can’t really come to terms with what happened those two nights.Muriel Margaret
Munich: We had the most fun time in Germany and I had no idea how much I was going to fall in love with that country. Maybe I’m German too.Muriel Margaret
Hamburg: Hamburg was possibly the sweatiest show of the tour and this jacket stayed on for a total of two songs.Muriel Margaret
Cologne: The cowboy hats were handed to me by fans at nearly every show for “Another Man’s Jeans.” Fans would decorate them and hand them off to me for the song and it was always an absolute party on stage.Muriel Margaret
Milan: I think this was my favorite outfit of the entire tour. Had to wear a little Gucci for Milan.Muriel Margaret
Paris: I’ll never recover from Paris. I couldn’t believe the love and the energy from the crowd. I think I’m French.Muriel Margaret
Brussels: This was my mood for the entire tour honestly… The whole thing feels like a dream I’m gonna wake up from any day.Muriel Margaret