VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images


Britney Spears Casually Released A New Song, "Mood Ring"

Her Japan-only track "Mood Ring" is now available worldwide.

In case you haven't heard, today is a big day for pop music. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta — a little artist known by the name Lady Gaga — released Chromatica, her first LP in four years. Within the same 24 hour period, another pop diva entered the ring: Britney Spears. Without any hint of teasing, Spears dropped "Mood Ring," a bonus track originally featured on her 2016 album Glory and only released in Japan. For the first time ever, fans don't need VPN access to listen to the pop banger. Equality for all!

Earlier this month Glory re-entered the charts, which Spears celebrated with some fresh album art. "You asked for a new Glory cover and since it went to number one we had to make it happen!" she wrote on Instagram. "Couldn't have done it without you all!" Considering how it's also been four years since Spears released new material, perhaps these new developments are signals that a new record is secretly on the horizon. Or maybe, Spears was exercising in her newly constructed home gym, cautiously lighting her beloved candles, and heard Gaga and Ariana Grande's electric collaboration "Rain On Me," and thought to herself, Hmm, why not? Get "Mood Ring" out there!

Spears fan-fiction aside, her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't think we should hold out breaths for new music. "She's kind of just relaxing. And I think that's good. Britney deserves that," she explained to The Hollywood Reporter. "She's worked her ass off. So if she wants to make another album, great. But if she doesn't feel like it, she doesn't have to. She's given the world a lot. I don't think there are plans for anything—at the moment."