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Camila Cabello & Lil Nas X Fight (& Do Their Own Stunts) In "He Knows" Video

Tom Cruise who?

If you didn’t already get the memo, Camila Cabello is in her messy pop girl era now. On May 22, the pop star released the music video for her single “He Knows,” featuring Lil Nas X, that only doubles down on that new artistic vision: looking hot, going to clubs, and getting into fights with friends over the same man.

By friend, we of course mean Lil Nas X, who stars alongside Cabello in the Onda-directed visual. The video opens with Cabello, clad in a strappy silver mini dress, making her entrance at the club and immediately making eye-contact with a hunky new boo, sharing an intimate dance with him in the corner. Eventually, Nas X makes his appearance and immediately beelines for the same man — and then the girls are fighting, literally! What ensues is an impressive action sequence by Nas and Cabello — who appear to have performed their own stunts — that certainly deserves a watch (be sure to stay for the wholesome and hilarious end-credit bloopers).

"He Knows” is the second single from Cabello’s new album, C,XOXO, out June 28. It marks a major shift in the pop star’s brand, as she strays away from radio hits and embraces her inner party girl, leaning deeper into left-field pop. In a recent interview with NYLON, Cabello called the creative pivot the “key to peace and the medicine to anxiety,” adding that “constant change is the solution.” Per the singer, the album will also be an ode to Miami: “When all’s said and done though, you hear her screaming ‘305 ‘til I die, b*tch!” she’s heard saying in the album’s trailer.

While we can’t vouch for the accuracy of that statement yet, she’s certainly makes good on the promise of Miami messiness with “He Knows” — watch it below.