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Cardi B Gave Some Suggestions For Voting Comfortably Today

"If you do get caught up in them lines, don't get discouraged," she told fans.

The day that the news, your timelines, and almost every single celebrity haven't stopped talking about for close to two years is finally here. It's November 3, famously known as election day in the United States. While early voting has been the popular move, Americans are still lining up to cast their ballot. If talks of long lines and general voter suppression have you down, fear not: Cardi B has some words of wisdom for everyone voting today.

Cardi hopped on Instagram to let her fans know that she did her civic duty, waking up at 5 AM to make sure she beat the crowds. "If you do get caught up in them lines, don't get discouraged," she explained. "Make sure you bring snacks, your phone is fully charged, go with a friend to keep you entertained."

She also suggested that people opt out of wearing any candidates' merch in favor of a more incognito look. "Go extremely lowkey because you never know, some people might wanna start harassing and attacking you. Wear all black," she warned.

Beyond encouraging eligible voters to show up to the polls, Cardi had some potentially final laments about President Trump. "I'm tired of this bullshit," she said. "I'm tired of getting upset every single time that I see that man talk. It's like, 'Are you fucking serious?'" Something tells me you're not alone, Cardi.