19 K-Pop Tracks That Work A Dance Floor

According to a K-pop DJ.

Going out? Need a playlist? Then NYLON’s NYLON Nights playlist is here for you. Each month we invite a guest DJ to curate an exclusive playlist that will keep you going from pre- to post-game. For April 2024, K-pop party-starter DJ Peach shares her primer on the genre.

In 2024, K-pop is more than an online sensation. In addition to the radio and a larger number of global tours, Hallyu — or the global “wave” of Korean culture — has also found its way into the club with roving party series like Bias and the growing scene of DJs specializing in K-pop nights. One emerging figure in the latter is Peach, an NYC-based DJ and producer who left her auditing day job in 2019 and is now hosting K-pop and K-EDM-themed club nights everywhere from Lincoln Center to the intimate downtown club S.O.B.’s.

Below, in honor of NYLON’s State of K-pop series, we asked her to curate her ideal K-pop playlist that could work any room — and she responded with an hour-long fantasia that hits on new releases, chart-toppers, and singular K-pop classics.

“Next Level” - aespa

Catchy hooks and easy-to-remember dance moves.

“Permission to Dance” – BTS

This is a feel-good song with a message of hope and positivity.

“How You Like That” – BLACKPINK

I think this song really showcases BLACKPINK’s fierce charisma. It also has catchy beats.

“Any Song” – ZICO

This highlights ZICO’s witty lyricism and unique music style

“Maniac” – VIVIZ

A groovy and catchy track.

“Hot Sauce” – NCT Dream

A high-energy track that always gets people to dance. This also showcases NCT Dream’s energetic performance.

“I am the best” – 2NE1

An iconic K-pop track with electrifying energy. It showcases the group’s unmatched confidence and charisma.

“Love Scenario” – iKON

This is a timeless hit with catchy melody and relatable lyrics.

“Siren” – RIIZE

It is a fierce, high-energy track that also brings a ‘90s nostalgia.

“Growl” – EXO

Another timeless hit

“Dynamite” – BTS

A disco-pop track with an upbeat melody and feel good vibes.


This track has a retro-inspired sound, and showcases STAYC’s youthful energy.

“After Like” – IVE

This song is very catchy. If you hear it, you will catch yourself humming it for the rest of the day.

“Magnetic” – Illit

They debuted in March, but they became the fastest K-pop group to enter the U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with this catchy song.

“Smart” – Le Sserafim

Big hooks with smooth vocals.

“Superlady” – (G)I-DLE

This pairs empowering lyrics with a bold sound and powerful vocals. It showcases (G)I-DLE’s fierce presence in the K-pop industry

“Bouncy” – ATEEZ

[I like the] charismatic rap verses.

“Super shy” – NewJeans

A cute catchy song with dance moves anyone can follow.

“10 Minutes” – Lee Hyori

An iconic and timeless K-pop classic that showcases Lee Hyori’s unmatched talent and charisma.