Dolly Parton Shares Her Authorized Remix Of "Jolene" With DJ Destructro

Parton tells NYLON, “Sure makes me want to dance!”

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As a singer, Dolly Parton’s timeless ballads have stayed with us for decades in their heartfelt emotion and authentic storytelling. And as a writer, Parton’s pen game is nearly unmatched — with classic songs like “I Will Always Love You” attributed to the Tennessee native’s brilliant mind. “Jolene,” the 1974 Parton song that has become a beloved American story, karaoke go-to and favorite song for artists of all stripes to cover, is no exception.

In a first, Parton has authorized an official remix of “Jolene” by DJ Destructo. Under his watch, the song gets a dancefloor update made for dancing with an accompanying video, premiering on NYLON below.

“I love seeing ‘Jolene’ brought to life by the amazing dancers in this video,” Parton tells NYLON. “Sure makes me want to dance!”

“I wanted to pay homage to an icon in my own special way bringing this classic song and video into 2021. I bow down to Ms. Dolly Parton,” Destructo says.

Listen to Dolly’s authorized “Jolene” remix, below:

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