Dream Crush is a new game with a nostalgic twist.
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Dream Crush Is A New Board Game With A Nostalgic Twist

Inspired by popular 80s and 90s board games like Girl Talk and Dream Phone.

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With Dream Crush, nostalgia is the name of the game — literally. The latest release from Mondo Games reimagines the popular dating board games of the 80s and 90s, like the hyper-popular Girl Talk and Dream Phone, bringing the playful and giggly energy of being a teen with a crush back into focus.

"Dream Crush was inspired by the day-glow pink slumber party games of the past,” Dream Crush creator Nick Prueher explains. “Sitting around talking about having crushes and going on dates — it’s still a lot of fun! This game provides those same feelings while incorporating the wonders and horrors of modern dating.”

Dream Crush also proposes another question: How much — or how little — do you really know your friends? The goal of the game is to correctly guess with "Crush" your friends will choose for each increasingly complex relationship milestone the game throws at you. Each round reveals something new about the "Crush" in question: nicknames, hobbies, quirks, and even deal-breakers get introduced. Much like real life, players must defend their choices, which Dream Crush promises only get more agonizing with each round. Through it all, points are awarded based on accurate predictions within the group. Do you know your friends well enough to win it all? Or will they leave you guessing who they really are?

Keeping up with the times, Dream Crush has been updated to be gender-neutral and inclusive, with 96 unique Crush cards, 75 Milestone cards, and 250 Secret cards. Dream Crush retails for $30 and will be available at Mondo Shop starting February 5 and in retail stores nationwide the following week.

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