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FKA Twigs Is Sharing Her Pre-Show Workout Routine On Instagram

Probably not for beginners.

If you've ever wondered how FKA twigs prepares for the stage, or maintains all that strength to spin on a pole, you're in luck because twigs is sharing all of her workout secrets through guided videos on Instagram. The singer, sword- and pole-dancer has been posting intimate videos of her stretching, balancing, and looking extremely not-sweaty in her home gym on her IGTV. Soft tunes from Dean Blunt and Duval Timothy play in the background. It is equally meditative and aspirational.

Twigs' most recent guided workout focuses on "integrated strength, midline stabilization, and redistributing tension." She moves through cat-cows and glute and hip rotations all without breaking a sweat, appearing, more than anything, extremely serene.

Twigs has always been open about her pole dance journey, sharing videos of her twirling and going upside down on the pole on Instagram. She took up the practice when she came up with the concept for her "Cellophane" video, explaining in an illuminating behind-the-scenes video that she "wanted to show that process — the practice, the training, the moments when it isn't quite working."

In a NYLON interview, twigs' pole instructor Kelly Yvonne delivered more insight into what twigs' training regimen for pole would've looked like, explaining specifically that "the main thing required is core strength. Most people think it's arms or upper body — which it is, also! — but the origin of most pole movement is the abdomen."

Those looking to adopt twigs' core conditioning routine should probably check out her ab and core video, which she says she also does before her photoshoots. Watch it below, and see her full series of guided workouts on her Instagram.