Yes, Kellyanne Conway’s Teenage Daughter Is An Anti-Trump TikToker

The proverbial apple could not have fallen further from the tree.

Kellyanne Conway is one of President Trump's staunchest foot soldiers. As a pundit and his senior political counselor, she defends all of his policies — no matter how heinous or absurd — with absolute fervor. Devotion to Trumpian politics may define Conway's persona, but it definitely doesn't extend to her 15-year-old daughter, Claudia. Like most Gen Z kids, Claudia is a big fan of the massively popular video sharing app TikTok. It's there where she posts footage of her hanging out with her friends, messing around with hair and makeup, and last but not least, making fun of President Trump and his supporters.

From the jump, you can tell Claudia probably goes head to head with her mom on politics at dinner on a regular basis. Her TikTok bio is literally a call to arrest the three Louisville police officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who was murdered in a "no-knock" warrant search earlier this year. The teenage Conway also has little patience for respectability politics. “Why do people hate on Trump supporters, like can’t we just respect everyone’s opinions?" she trolls in one video. "SIKE nah block me pls and then educate yourself.”

The proverbial apple could not have fallen further from the tree, and Claudia makes it clear that every person has their own political agency regardless of their lineage. “Believe it or not, you can have your own opinions not influenced by your parents at all simply by educating yourself!" she explains. "My views don’t have anything to do with my mom’s." That being said, Claudia promises that she's no bad blood between her and her mother. Conway has not yet made a public statement regarding her daughter's viral videos.