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Everything We Know About Lana Del Rey & Quavo’s Upcoming Country-Trap Collab

The 2012 aesthetic is back.

by Carson Mlnarik

It wouldn’t feel like summer without new Lana Del Rey music, and our favorite seasonal songstress is delivering on cue. On June 19, the “A&W” singer surprised fans by sharing a snippet of “Tough,” a new country-trap collab with rapper Quavo.

The clip arrived alongside a pic of the duo in a grassy field leaning against a fence, with Quavo standing behind Lana and holding her fingers together like a pistol. The 2012 aesthetic is back, and we couldn’t be happier.

In the short tease, the two singers croon each lyric in sync over sparse, country-tinged production. “Tough like the scarf on a pair of old leather boots / Like the blue-collar red dirt attitude / Like a .38 made out of brass / Tough like the stuff in my grandpa’s glass,” its lyrics begin, before they wax poetic: “Life’s gonna do what it does / Sure as the good lord’s up above / Cut like a diamond shining in the rough, tough.”

The bucolic greenery and Southern sensibility would make sense considering LDR’s upcoming project is Lasso, a self-described country album slated for release in September. But given that the snippet originated from Quavo’s Instagram account, it could be entirely unrelated. This isn’t the first time the “Bad and Boujee” singer has hinted at working with the Coney Island queen, either. In May, the two shared the same Polaroid snap of them sitting on a patio. And with the latest teaser, its caption — “If u come from where u come then u were born….Tough!” — makes more sense.

Although neither artist has revealed a release date for “Tough,” it seems they’ve been working together for a while. In February, they were spotted at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards party, and in May, Lana made headlines after visiting Quavo’s Atlanta club, which is attached to a gas station.

Perhaps LDR will give fans an update at her sold-out June 20 Fenway Park headlining show, which happens to be right before her birthday.