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Lindsay Lohan Revealed Her Favorite 'Parent Trap' Twin

Lohan starred in the 1998 classic Nancy Meyers film when she was 11 years old.

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When the 1998 Nancy Meyers remake of The Parent Trap first came out in 1991, minting Lindsay Lohan as a bonafide star for her portrayal of twins, girls the world over discussed whether they were more of an Annie or a Hallie. Now, Lohan has revealed which twin she had more of an affinity for.

“When I was doing The Parent Trap, I remember I wanted to be more like Annie, because she was more preppy and reserved and she just had a classier twist to her that I really loved,” Lohan told Vogue in a new video. “Hallie was too American for me because I was too used to that, but Annie was my favorite. I always wanted to be Annie.”

Fans of the film will recall that Hallie was the cool California twin with pierced ears and blue nail polish, while Annie was her buttoned-up English sister.

The actress went through her “life in looks” for Vogue, poking fun at a classic 2002 flip-flops and scarf look she wore in addition to higher fashion points, like the blue Nicole Miller dress she wore to The Parent Trap premiere. “As a young girl, I was always really into fashion,” she told the magazine.

Of her 2003 Freaky Friday character, in which she starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis, Lohan said, “I was really rocking the Avril Lavigne vibe, because that was my character, and I really took it into my daily life.”

You’ll soon be able to catch Lohan on screens again with Falling For Christmas, which is part of her two-movie deal with Netflix. (Parent Trap reboot when?!)

“I had so much fun doing this, because I had a newfound appreciation for it after not filming for so long,” Lohan said of the film. “I was really excited to be there. We filmed it in five and a half weeks; You can make movies so fast now!”

Watch Lohan’s Vogue video below:

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