Maneskin performed on SNL
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Watch Måneskin Make Their SNL Debut With "Beggin'"

The Italian rock outfit also performed hit “I Wanna Be Your Slave.”

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Måneskin finally made their SNL debut, and the notably hot Italian rock band did not disappoint.

Dressed in matching Gucci cream outfits — and perfect smokey eye makeup — the quartet performed their hit cover “Beggin’.” The song is Måneskin’s biggest hit so far — though it was originally created by Bob Gaudio and Peggy Santiglia before a group called The Four Seasons popularized it. Once Måneskin got a hold of the track, though, they revamped it for a new new generation of rock fans. In 2021, their version of “Beggin’” went viral on TikTok and earned them worldwide recognition.

Måneskin is composed of four band members — vocalist Damiano David, bassists Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio on drums. Since winning the 2021 Eurovision contest, the group has continued to release music and deliver jaw-dropping live performances for audiences everywhere.

While at SNL, Måneskin also performed “I Wanna Be Your Slave.” The revved-up track comes from their latest album Teatro d’ira, which is currently available to stream. Dressed in a floral suit with feather cuffs, David opened the number singing, “I wanna be your slave / I wanna be your master / I wanna make your heartbeat / run like roller-coasters.”

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by former cast member Will Forte. The actor left the show after an eight year run in 2010, and has since starred The Last Man on Earth and Sweet Teeth. According to the sketch-shows schedule, actor Willem Dafoe will host next week's episode with Katy Perry performing as the musical guest.

As for Måneskin, the group is currently preparing for a European tour. Though they do not have any shows set in the US yet, you can catch up on their best performances, and watch their SNL debut, below:

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