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Fans Think Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson Made A Christmas Song

Some very good tidings.

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This most recent era of Mariah Carey has brought many good tidings: songs that are both bops and affirmations of creating boundaries, delicious anecdotes from a memoir filled with music industry lore and personal revelations, deep cuts for the day ones, and now, a mysterious collaboration that may include some serious vocal power.

Carey teased fans with a photo of three directors chairs at a soundstage with the initials 'AG,' 'MC,' and 'JH' printed on the backs, captioned with the Christmas tree emoji. (Carey is indisputably the emcee of Christmas). It's hard to think of who 'AG' could be, other than Ariana Grande. Fans are convinced the 'JH' chair is reserved for Jennifer Hudson herself, she of the voice that can bring down the house, time and again.

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