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Miley Cyrus Just Turned Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" Into A Club Anthem

She never misses.

Queen of covers Miley Cyrus has blessed the world with yet another. On May 17, the pop star released her take on Talking Heads’ seminal classic “Psycho Killer,” which she’s cleverly and delightfully reconfigured into an impossibly upbeat disco track. It’s great because, if I’m being honest, I’ve always found the original — despite how catchy and iconic it is — to be a little eerie; in Cyrus’ hands it’s now turned into a song I’d gladly go clubbing to — and she’s somehow made the French verses even hotter.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the singer’s only version of “Psycho Killer.” Back in November 2023, she performed the song during a live show at Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont, though it sounded more like a country ditty with banjo backing and finger-plucked guitar. It’s unclear what happened to this version, and if she’ll ever release it as an official recording.

Her latest remake is part of a new Talking Heads covers compilation album released by A24 to mark the 40th anniversary of Stop Making Sense, the indie film studio’s 1984 concert movie about the band (and its corresponding live record). Stop Making Sense: A Tribute Album, out now, includes additional recordings from The National, Lorde, Paramore, Girl in Red, Blondshell, Teezo Touchdown, and more. Cyrus’ cover opens the album. Hear it below.