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Nicki Minaj Hints At A Return To Pop With "Freaky Girl"

Minaj shut down Twitter with her new Rick James-sampling track.

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Leave it to Nicki Minaj to shut down Twitter without even really trying. The rapper posted a quick preview of her new single, “Freaky Girl,” and the internet is already obsessed. In less than 24 hours the video of Minaj dancing to her unreleased song has racked up over 1.5 million views, and hundreds of comments from people who are eager to hear the full track. Given the song's 80s-infused vibe, some fans are even predicting that “Freaky Girl” is the start of the rapper's long-awaited pop revival.

From what we’ve heard so far, “Freaky Girl” includes a sample of Rick James’ 1981 chart-topper “Super Freak.” Minaj’s rendition is just as fun but with a sexy, self-assured, twist. After all, the “Anaconda” rapper is no stranger to coming up with sultry lyrics.

After James sings “She’s alright / That girls alright with me,” her verse begins. Over a remixed beat she raps, “I can lick it / I can ride it while you slip it and slide it.” She then continues to boast about her skills. “I can do all them little tricks / You can smack it you can grip it you can go down and kiss it,” she says, “Every time he leave me ‘lone he always tell me he miss me / He wanna F, R, E A K.”

Twitter is having a field day with the track, and praising Minaj’s creative expertise. One account wrote, “What separates Nicki from everyone is that she’s a music + hip hop historian. The way Rick James was extremely influential to hip hop...this is no surprise. ONLY SHE COULD DO IT. #NickiFreakyGirl.” Minaj has been re-tweeting fans' reactions as well. She recently posted another Twitter user's glowing review that read, “Freaky Girl is already #1 in my house and my car. I can’t stop playing the snippet! Help!!! @NickiFreakyGirl.”

Minaj is celebrating the success of the track on Instagram as well. This afternoon, she reposted a brief moment when #NickiFreakyGirl was trending number one, then again at number two, on Twitter. Though the song's brief reveal was a smash hit, the rapper has not provided a release date for the song yet. Until then, we’ll be listening to the preview on repeat. Feel free to join us, and watch the teaser for “Freaky Girl” below.

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