Everything That Went Down On Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Live

Including Drake and Nicki’s reunion.

The queen of rap has returned. After a short Twitter hiatus and the birth of her new son (whom she affectionately calls Papa Bear), Nicki Minaj has finally come back to release a new project — sort of. She put up her first mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty on streaming services for the first time, and as the cherry on top it comes with three new songs: “Fractions,” “Crocodile Teeth (Remix),” and “Seeing Green” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, bringing the Young Money crew together for the first time in nearly three years.

To announce it all, the rap legend herself hopped on a quick Instagram Live where she updated the Barbz on everything from the details around her new release, to Papa Bear, and her actual next new album. And because they both love the drama, Drake even hopped on the call for the last five minutes to congratulate her on the re-release and send his love.

Below, here’s everything that went down on her Instagram Live.

New Songs

As we mentioned above, the re-release of Beam Me Up Scotty arrived with three new tracks. On her Live, Minaj added more context to the songs. She revealed “Fractions” was made on an old Jay-Z beat, and announced that original song “Seeing Green” would see the Young Money crew reunite again.

“Fractions,” has caused some on social media to point out one troubling bar that seems to be referencing her husband’s accuser. “Ayo, I’m the one who run the city where they armed and vicious/ Accusations on them blogs and they all fictitious,” she raps at the top of her verse. One Twitter user wrote in response, “I just can’t imagine ruining my empire/legacy for an abusive man.”

New Album Updates

Ms. Petty also provided some updates on her forthcoming album, but only to say that she’s still working on it, and that it’s “coming soon,” along with her six-part docuseries with HBO Max.

She revealed that she’d been suffering some writer’s block while working on the album. It wasn’t until Drake sent her the beat to “Seeing Green” that her creative flow was reignited. “He single handedly got me out of my writer’s block,” she said.

Drake & Nicki Reunite

Speaking of the Champagne Papi, Drake joined Nicki for the last five minutes of her IG live. He called in from a random street and congratulated her on the re-release and urged her to return to music. “I love you with all my heart and I’m glad that you got in your bag for this re-release, but you know what time it is now,” he said.

Nicki shared her own praise of the Toronto rapper, continuing their long-lived “will they or won’t they vibe,” by calling him a “f*cking genius as a musical artist but also as a human.”

Watch her full Instagram Live here.