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K-Pop's NMIXX Share Their First US Tour Diary

The K-pop rookies talk pre-show rituals, jet lag, and meeting their fans.

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Last week, K-pop rookies NMIXX wrapped up their first-ever live shows in the United States as part of their debut showcase tour, Nice To Mixx You. The three-week romp took the group to eight cities across the U.S., including jam-packed theaters in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Brooklyn, and more. As the tour name suggested, it was a long-awaited introduction of sorts as the energetic Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin finally got to meet their U.S. fans, NSWERs, for the first time, face to face.

For the members of NMIXX, the best and worst parts of touring are all rolled up into one: getting to experience, sight-see, and shop in new cities, while also having to go without talking to their families consistently and suffering through the jetlag of traveling quite literally across the globe. Still, the girls took every moment in stride, taking the time to explore and rest during their days off, before revving back up to 100 to deliver their energetic, and participation-heavy live shows.

“My favorite [part of tour] was NSWERs cheering us on and supporting us at the concert halls,” Sullyoon tells NYLON. “I don’t think I can ever erase that from my memory.”

Below, the members share their favorite memories from tour through the form of an intimate and candidly shot tour diary — featuring selfies taken in hotel rooms, backstage, and while exploring L.A. — and talk about the best and worst parts of tour life, pre-show rituals, and meeting their U.S. fans for the first time.


What was your favorite U.S. city to play and why?

LILY: I loved all of the cities of course. Seattle was our first stop and I was worried, but Seattle was such a great crowd, that it blew all my worries away!

BAE: For me it was L.A.! Sullyoon and I shopped, visited a famous market, and took pictures at L.A. It was so much fun! That’s why it was the most memorable for me.

NMIXX’s Haewon
NMIXX’s Haewon

How do you prepare for shows — what is your pre-show ritual?

HAEWON: I read the supportive messages my parents always send me and I feel the motivation to ‘Do well on today’s performance.’

JIWOO: In order to communicate with American NSWERs, I tried my best to prepare and practice my lines in English so that NSWERs can enjoy the showcase even more!

NMIXX’s Jiwoo
NMIXX’s Sullyoon

What is your favorite thing about touring and tour life?

SULLYOON: My favorite was NSWERs cheering us on and supporting us at the concert halls! I don’t think I can ever erase that from my memory.

KYUJIN: I remember NSWERs controlling the MIXXTICK at the Atlanta show and swimming with the other members at hotel in Dallas!

What is the biggest challenge/least favorite part of touring?

HAEWON: Suffering from the jet lag! I took a nap for seven hours on my day off, and I’ve been on Korean time since then. I’m actually still a little sleepy (haha).

SULLYOON: I usually keep in touch with my parents often. The fact that it was difficult to contact my parents because of the different time zones was a bit disappointing.

NMIXX’s Kyujin
NMIXX’s Kyujin

What is the best meal to eat post-show?

LILY: Instead of a post-show meal, I prefer eating before the show because I need the strength to put all my energy into singing, dancing, and hyping the crowd up. During this tour I ate a full breakfast. I just love brunch!

KYUJIN: Hmmm… after a show I think ice cream is best!

What are your must-have items with you on tour?

SULLYOON: Toner and lotion! I have super sensitive skin and it itches when I don’t use my own toner and lotion. So I always take my skincare with me.

BAE: I always carry around extra portable chargers! About two or so.

NMIXX’s Lily
NMIXX’s Lily

Which part of the show do you most look forward to each night?

LILY: My favorite part is the encore because I can sing to my heart’s content and interact with NSWERs freely!

JIWOO: I also most look forward to the encore stage! It’s our chance to interact with NSWERs and to show off our live stages to NSWERs!

Photos courtesy of NMIXX.

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