Olivia Rodrigo Follows A Grand Tradition Of Musicians Destroying Cake

Feminine rage has never been more delicious.

Olivia Rodrigo made her second musical SNL appearance on Dec. 9, and it was a smash — specifically, a cake smash.

The pop star performed “vampire” and “all-american b*tch” from her latest album GUTS, and for the latter turned the NYC studio into a prim afternoon tea party she proceeded to destroy; when the song’s roiling chorus kicked up, she climbed on the table — frilly Hill House bloomers and all — and began a full assault on the selection of picture-perfect cakes. She stomped her foot on one and stabbed a knife into another, before smashing her face into the last as the delectable grand finale.

If the scene reminded you of another music video, you wouldn’t be alone. In recent years, more and more musicians have joined Taylor Swift (“Blank Space,” surprisingly violent) in continuing a grand tradition of illustrating feminine rage by destroying cake. Indigo De Souza turned cake-sitting (a real thing) into an illustrious sport. Connie Constance completely eviscerated another gateau with a baseball bat. And Snail Mail consoled herself by devouring fistfuls of the stuff — after committing bloody murder. All these instances coincide with the unleashing of some deep, elemental fury, directed at a loved one or, more often, society. Which begs the question: When will cake-smashing rooms become the next big thing?