Young woman in a strapless black gown and elderly man in a tuxedo with a cane on the red carpet.


Romy Mars Is Acting Now, Too

First Cannes, then a surprise music drop, and now, TV.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

We should have known Romy Mars’ red-carpet debut at Cannes was just the beginning.

After a surprise return to the internet with not one, but two summer-ready singles, she’s now teasing her television debut. The 17-year-old sat down with W for her first official interview to discuss her life, music, and future plans, which include a to-be-named role in a TV show. “I can only say that it’s a comedy,” she said, adding that she even enjoys the auditioning process.

While we wait for the details of her role to be revealed, Mars also shared a lot of crucial background on her burgeoning music career, which recently kicked off with the release of her first EP. She told W that once she committed to songwriting, which she began doing at 12, it was all she could think of. “One time, I wrote at the bottom of [a] test: ‘My floor can’t feel your clothes.’ I’m not sure my teacher understood why it was there,” she said. She also said that it was family friend Jack Antonoff who introduced Mars to her producer, Claud, a 25-year-old dream-pop musician who would describe Mars’ music as “confessional pop.”

Stuck Up consists of two tracks — a title song and “From a Distance” — both written and performed by Mars, who said she wants the listener to “see my songs almost like they are little movies.” Makes sense given that she’s the daughter of the Academy Award-winning director Sofia Coppola, but still, her creative choices simultaneously reflect the innocent angst of your average teenager: “I swore on purpose,” she said. “I wanted there to be a parental advisory sticker on my music. Explicit content within!”