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Did Romy Mars Just Release the Song of the Summer?

Sofia Coppola's daughter seemingly released an out-of-nowhere music drop.

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

Just a year ago she was banned from having public social media profiles, but on Wednesday, Romy Mars returned to the internet with what seems to be a surprise music drop. The 17-year old daughter of acclaimed filmmaker Sofia Coppola and Grammy-winning musician Thomas Mars (of Phoenix) has just released her first EP, Stuck Up.

Available to stream on all major platforms, Stuck Up includes two songs, both written and performed by Romy Mars herself (the singer has not issued a formal confirmation that it is indeed her — see: banned public social media profiles — but all signs point to it’s legit). The title song tells the story of a summer fling gone sour, with a jaunty guitar that makes for great car-with-the-windows-down listening as the weather warms up. The second song, “From a Distance” is a whimsical bop with bedroom pop undertones that can’t help but remind us of fellow Coppola, Jason Schwartzman’s iconic indie project, Coconut Records.

According to the credits on Spotify, the EP was produced by Claud, a 25-year old singer-songwriter signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records. In 2023, Claud released an LP titled Supermodel, an album painted in every shade of bedroom pop. The producer stepped in as co-writer for Romy Mars’ “From a Distance” which might explain its dreamier sound.

Along with new music, Romy Mars’ artistic debut also comes with a (also yet-to-be-verified) public TikTok profile. Earlier this week, she joined her grandfather Francis Ford Coppola and their extended family for the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Megalopolis. The occasion marked her first major red carpet, she wore head-to-toe Chanel.

This surprise album drop is the perfectly unfussy way for the daughter of such a famous set of parents to establish her own career. She went viral last summer for posting a since-deleted TikTok where she tells the story of how she got grounded for trying to charter a helicopter using her dad’s credit card. In hindsight, it might’ve been the earlier stirrings of a young girl forging a path of her own.